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LR04 Benthic Stack

LR04 stack

The LR04 stack [Lisiecki and Raymo, 2005] spans 5.3 Myr and is an average of 57 globally distributed benthic d18O records (which measure global ice volume and deep ocean temperature) collected from the scientific literature. The records were placed on a common age model using a graphic correlation technique [Lisiecki and Lisiecki, 2002]. We also developed a new age model for the stack using orbital tuning combined with constraints provided by the average sedimentation rates of the 57 records.

Paleoclimate research has recently produced an explosion of new paleoclimate time series, but fully utilizing the acquired data requires coordinated analysis of globally distributed records. The LR04 stack and its age model provide the paleoclimate community with an important stratigraphic tool, which we hope will be used to facilitate the comparison of widely distributed marine climate records.


If you use this data, please include the following citation:

Lisiecki, L. E., and M. E. Raymo (2005), A Pliocene-Pleistocene stack of 57 globally distributed benthic d18O records, Paleoceanography, 20, PA1003, doi:10.1029/2004PA001071. View PDF


In Table 4, the Matuyama Gauss boundary should be listed as occuring in MIS 104, NOT G2.

The phase plot in Figure 7 is in error, but all phases described in the text are correct. Figure 7 correction