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Matching and Compositing

Match 2.3.1

This software package uses dynamic programming to find the optimal alignment of two paleoclimate signals using penalty functions to constrain accumulation rates. The Match program is written in C++ and requires a command line interface to run. It should run on any Unix-style operating system, in Cygwin under Windows, and on Macs running MacOS 10 and should be easily portable to any platform with a C++ compiler. The matching algorithm is fairly memory and computation intensive, especially as the number of matching intervals increases. A graphical user interface for the Match program is available and runs in Matlab version 2012a. However, the Match program can be operated using only text files for configuration. If you use this software, please include the citation:

Lisiecki, L. E., and P. A. Lisiecki, Application of dynamic programming to the correlation of paleoclimate records, Paleoceanography, 17(D4), 1049, doi:10.1029/2001PA000733, 2002. View PDF

Autocomp 2.3

This software uses the output of Match to construct composite depth sections for marine sediment cores. New functionality in version 2 includes better handling of cases in which a completely gap-free composite is not possible and more user-control of how MBSF is translated to composite depth.

It runs in Matlab version 6 and 7 with a graphical user interface and is included in the latest Match distribution. You can read more about the Autocomp algorithm in Lisiecki and Herbert (2007), particularly Appendix 1: Detailed Methodology and Appendix 2: Technical Modifications to LL02.

If you use this software, please include the citations:

Lisiecki, L. E., and T. D. Herbert (2007), Automated composite depth scale construction and estimates of sediment core extension, Paleoceanography, 22, PA4213, doi:10.1029/2006PA001401.

Download Software

Match and Autocomp (Match version 2.3.1 for Matlab 2011 and higher, updated May 11, 2012)

Match and Autocomp (Match version 2.3, updated June 18, 2007)

Installation instructions

To extract the source files, run "gunzip -dc match-2.3.1.tgz | tar -xvf -". To generate an executable version of match type "make" in the Match directory containing "match.cc" and "Makefile". The enclosed makefile should allow Match to be built on any GNU-based compiler platform as well as many others. You may need to modify the makefile if your compiler is not named "c++" or requires different command line options. Information about running Match and Autocomp can be found in the downloaded Docs directory.

When installing Cygwin, I recommend downloading the following components: