Lorraine Lisiecki

Department of Earth Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
email: lisiecki AT geol.ucsb.edu
Lorraine Lorraine

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Research Interests

My research focuses on computational approaches to the interpretation of paleoclimate records. I believe that the integrated analysis of widely distributed paleoclimate records will yield important information about the climate system that cannot be obtained by studying these records individually. I am particularly interested in the evolution of Plio-Pleistocene climate as it relates to Milankovitch forcing, 100-kyr glacial cycles, and deep-ocean circulation. I also develop and distribute software related to age model development and stratigraphy. The analytical techniques I use most frequently are stratigraphic correlation, simple physical models, Matlab programming, and mathematical tools such as time series analysis, principal component analysis, and computational probability and statistics (e.g., Bayesian statistics).

What does this mean? Simple, non-technical explanations of what I study and why. Also, PowerPoint slides for teachers.

Ted-Ed Lesson: What causes an ice age? Animated video suitable for K-12.

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Title: Paleoclimate time series: New alignment and compositing techniques, a 5.3-Myr benthic d18O stack, and analysis of Pliocene-Plesitocene climate transitions

Advisor: Prof. Timothy Herbert, Brown University

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